Nothing is more important than the love you hold for yourself and for the people around you. This is the strong belief of Maria Lucia Hohan, who invites women to be self confident, intriguing, playful, feminine, to become urban divas no matter the context they find themselves in. The outfits come as a powerful accessory that should enhance any woman’s strong personality and inner beauty who should claim her rights to be noticed and admired. And she does that by wearing sheer silk, colored mousseline, glazed satin that come together with leather, metal textures and laser cut details used as unique accessories.
After getting her degree in fashion textile design at LISAA-l’Institut Superieur des Arts Appliquees Paris, Maria Lucia Hohan left straight to Milan where she worked for a short while as illustrator for Krizia, under the supervision of Mariuccia Mandelli.
Beginning 2003, when Maria Lucia was only 23 years old, the design studio that she had opened in Bucharest, started to be a fast growing business. Over the next 3 years MLH had constant monthly featurings in all the local editions of fashion magazines such as ELLE, Cosmopolitan and Glamour and started being the style advisor and designer for the elite of Romanian artists, TV stars and successful women.

In February 2006 she decided to go international, by participating to the tradeshows and showrooms in Paris, where the brand had instant success and got orders from all around the world. MLH is currently selling in Copenhagen, Oslo, Athens, Dubai, Singapore, Kuwait, Riyadh, New York, Tokyo, Florence, Paris and of course in Bucharest.

At present time Maria is creating something especially for you! Check it out by paying a visit to her showroom.